Beatrice Herrmann


Experience:since 2013
Areas:Family, Workplace/Employment, Business & Contractual
Qualifications:Associate Mediator SMC, Mediator SDM-FSM, Mediator SCCM

Beatrice is an accredited member of the SDM-FSM (Swiss umbrella organisation for mediation) and of the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (SCCM). Further, she is an Accredited Associate Mediator of the Singapore Mediation Centre with an additional appointment to the SMC’s Family Panel of Mediators. She holds a doctoral degree (PhD) in Business Administration.


As an experienced business consultant and advisor with more than 20 years of experience, she has worked across multiple jurisdictions, cultures, and industries, helping companies to transform and develop their business.


Beatrice works as a commercial mediator, helping her clients to resolve their disputes amicably. Her international experience has equipped her very well to work with very a very diverse group of people. She does commercial mediation and workplace mediation. She also offers conflict management coaching and training.


Further, she works as a family mediator, focusing on helping expats to resolve issues and adjust to their host (or again back to their home) countries. Beatrice is also an executive coach, helping her clients to develop further, personally and professionally.


She works and mediates in English and German and is also able to communicate in Spanish and French. Mediations are done in person, online, or also in a hybrid format if required.