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TechLaw Fest 2022

ResoX was delighted to be a sponsor at the TechLaw Fest 2022.

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Our CEO made a short and impactful TechTalk speech on the second day. Titled “Revolution in Dispute Resolution”, the presentation focused on how ResoX is committed to design technology in a way that makes sense when disputants search for lawyers in Singapore and elsewhere to assist them in disputes. She exhorts young accredited mediators and arbitrators to build their visibility and portfolio on our platform.

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TechLaw Fest - ResoX
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See Video here:


Full speech reproduced below:

Good afternoon, I’m Linda Heng, CEO of I know I’m standing in the way of you and lunch, so thank you for joining me for this techtalk!

A businessman recently shared that when he keyed in “dispute resolution lawyer in Singapore” on google search, he was besieged by tons of law firms’ websites. Much like the “yellow pages“ telephone books that are no longer in print, he scoured the lists of lawyers and websites, received a lot of information, but still had trouble deciding who to seek advice from.

He chanced upon which felt like a breath of fresh air to him. He was guided by our search questions, processed what was important to him, and agreed with our dispute advisor that mediation was the preferred course of action, then was easily connected to multiple lawyers and mediators who suited his requirements.

With a few more simple clicks, he was able to request a call-back from all of them simultaneously.

Another prominent business leader and friend in Singapore shared that small and medium businesses often grapple with what course of action to take and who to trust in the legal industry. Who can deliver the most cost-effective resolution to commercial disputes in the least amount of time possible?

This brings about the recurring question for all you business owners. How do you – lawyers, mediators and arbitrators, market your dispute resolution services to reach potential clients who are probably infrequent users? Many will boast of company websites, profiles on prestigious institutions and perhaps interviews and articles and newspaper accolades. But in a crowded digital space, how many potential clients do you really reach?

In my travels and frank discussions with mediators and arbitrators around the world, the growth of ADR still pales in comparison to its potential. Many SMEs and members of the public remain unfamiliar with arbitration and mediation. The limited use of ADR and the lack of career prospects discourages younger lawyers who eventually turn back to hard-core litigation.

The pandemic years created a seismic shift in the way the world uses digital platforms to source for professional service providers. Consumers now view telemedicine platforms (like Doctors Anywhere), with newfound respect and appreciation. In designing as the first stop in dispute resolution, we were guided by 3 main principles:

  • Present dispute resolution mechanisms to the public in a manner that is intuitive, realistic and efficient
  • Meet the needs of a global marketplace
  • Display recommendations ratings as dictated by market forces

Please watch this short video introduction to our beta-version that went live 4 months ago.

Check how to find a lawyer in Singapore 

As you can see, our platform is curated and designed in a manner that makes sense and is attractive to the average user. What is truly REVOLUTIONARY is our Dispute Advisor. You see here 6 pairs of contrasting statements that helps disputants self-evaluate their course of action – considerations like the need to win, the need for a legal judgement, time constraints, confidentiality of outcome etc.


Find Best Dispute Advisor in Singapore

It is through these series of self-administered questions that a disputant does his own triage, owns his course of action and hopefully embarks on a ADR journey right from the onset.


What also stands out from other directories is the holistic manner, in which we present the dispute resolution eco-system. For those who choose mediation, we will recommend both lawyers to represent you, as well as mediators. Similarly for those who chose arbitration, ResoX search will recommend both lawyers as well as arbitrators.


Furthermore, we encourage those who profile with us to indicate their affordability using 1 to 3 $ symbols, as well as recording 12 second video introductions that will create instant rapport with potential clients. In the future, we hope to consolidate recommendation ratings from disputants who engage the services of these professionals.


It is the humanistic design that makes distinctive as a technology platform. We are not simply a “Yellow pages” telephone book or a directory like many in the marketplace. We offer an intelligent but uncomplicated user experience that speaks to the heart of the disputant, and marries his interests with the practical action of engaging the right lawyer, mediator, arbitrator or coach efficiently. My co-founder Colin Millward and I firmly believe that it is this guided experience that will truly showcase the potential of ADR and the lawyers who actively promote ADR.


We are already receiving feedback that disputants who search for lawyers have been inspired to ALSO get in touch with mediators. Our data also shows that disputants have a distinct preference for those who have put up video profiles. We are truly heartened to know that even in this small way, we have contributed to someone’s journey towards making peace.


To summarise, ResoX offers distinct advantages in its concept, design and ambition. Firstly, ResoX offers opportunities to service small and medium enterprises who have limited means of locating dispute resolution professionals that they can trust and afford. Secondly, you no longer need to be a big firm with huge marketing and travel budgets to develop a regional or global presence. It is time for you to consider how you can profile your services on to a global marketplace that is hungry for diversity and competitive pricing. Thirdly, younger and less experienced lawyers, mediators and arbitrators are able reach the market through profiling with You can still elect to appoint a designated case management institution, or position yourself as a private practitioner.


As an early stage start-up, what you are seeing here is but Version 1.0. ResoX is in its early start-up phase, but we have gotten local and foreign interests from industries rife with disputes. We will be creating connections and website links with businesses and trade associations locally and around the world.


The vision is to create a seamless customer experience with ODR technology-plug-ins, metaverse courtrooms, artificial intelligent technology and even practical introductions to litigation funds, that would facilitate dispute resolution from start to finish – all on a global platform.


Laterally, we are spinning off customised white-label sites to suit various dispute sectors. One of these “gateways” is ResoX Community – where search questions are more relevant to condominium living such as disputes arising from building and development, subcontractors and general nuisance amongst residents.


There is also demand from businesses to provide a global directory of corporate service providers and we are glad to share that ResoX Corporate is in the works. This will allow litigation lawyers who profile with ResoX to also profile their corporate services, alongside accountants, IT professionals and the such.


In conclusion, leverages on technology with disputants in mind. As a supporter eloquently described it,  ResoX is facilitating a “democratization of dispute resolution” where digital natives and discerning users can gain access to diverse options and be persuaded to seek resolution quickly.


Relying on Google search, company websites and elite panel listings are simply …………not enough.